SouthEast Territory

Located in Knoxville TN the CO-OP  has a concise group of seasoned investigators and researchers that have conducted investigations in nearby Blount, Bradley, Loudon, Knox and Marion Counties and as far away as West Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Kentucky.

Originally founded in 2008 as V.P.I.T. (Volunteer Paranormal Investigators of Tennessee) the CO-OP members in the Southeastern Territory possess real world investigative experience in and outside the realm of the Paranormal.


Investigative Experience Includes:

Over Eight years investigating some of the alleged Most Haunted Locations in America.

The founding members have over a decade of Law Enforcement Service and Investigative Experience.

Processed Forensic Crime/Death Scenes for the largest municipal police department in a state.

Team Member and Instructor for Crisis Intervention Team.

Completed numerous State and Federal sponsored Interview and Methodical Behavioral Courses.

Lectured at Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in 2009.

Co-Founder holds a Private Investigators License since 2010.

Contributed article in T.A.P.S. Paramagazine in 2012.

Been consulted on two Para-related books.

Co-Founder holds Resource Chair for the National Paranormal Society (2013).