Second Investigation at Bobby Mackey’s

 Our Return Investigation at Bobby Mackey’s in November was a Blast.

Thanks to Wanda and Denise!!! We left them something to remember us by~

Of course, lots of Video and Audio to Review-not to mention Personal Experiences.

 Bobby Mackey’s Time Line:

1857         Original Building created as a Slaughterhouse and Meat Packing Plant-Blue Grass Cafe

1896         Murder of Pearl Bryant who was discovered headless, 5 months pregnant with cocaine in her system in a nearby field. Pearls lover, Scott Jackson, and his roommate Alonzo Walling were later arrested, found guilty and sentenced to death. At the public hanging Walling was allegedly promised a life sentence if either would divulge the location of Pearl’s missing head. Neither would cooperate stating they would face the “wrath of Satan” and were both hanged. Allegedly, the old meat packing plant was a gathering place for Satanist groups with Jackson and Walling as members. Many thought the head was thrown down the hidden well in the plant.  Other names of interest were Detective Cal Crim and the cousin who introduced the two lovers, William Wood.

1904       Owner was Thomas J. Callahan and Associates

1940’s   Ernest Buck” Brady (6ft 200lbs) along with the “King of BootleggersGeorge Remus (Pharmacist  who used his position to purchase alcohol during the prohibition) purchased the location and converted it into the “Latin Quarter” A speakeasy and illegal casino. Manager was Harold Marks.

1951       Manager George Bebhart and employees found guilty of gambling

Allegedly, the manager of the club (Dave Whitfield) had an 18 year old daughter Johanna who fell for the club singer Robert Randall. Enraged at the affair her Father had Randall murdered and Johanna responded by poisoning herself and her father. He lived but she died. An elderly Dave Whitfield later sold the property to Bobby Mackey in 1978.

1952       Owner Harry Green Sr. after Brady sold the club to the Cleveland Syndicate-rumors Brady was later killed by the mob. Location reopened at the “Old Latin Quarter” as a speakeasy casino until 1961 when Sheriff George Rattermen intervened.

1970       Club reopened as the Hard Rock Café– shut down in 1977 after wave of violence

1977       November- Richard Tonnies (20) shot in front of club. Richard later died from the gunshot           wound in January.

1978       January-Dan Groh (23) Shot in the neck outside the business.

1978       Bobby Mackey purchases property from Dave Whitfield.

1978       Suspicious fire in kitchen delays the opening of BM’s

1978       Bobby Mackey’s Music World opens

1989       June- Janet Mackey claims she was assaulted by unknown ghost on the premises. She was 5 months pregnant.

1993       October- Club patron J. R. Costigan claims lawsuit in regards to ghost attack he sustain in the men’s bathroom.


Heading to Bobby Mackey’s for an Investigation?

Provided is a summary transcript from our original and follow up Investigation to Bobby Mackey’s. Below those are First Floor and Basement diagrams for your convenience. Feel free to utilize the transcript and floor plans to determine you own line of questioning and equipment set up in advance.


Sunday Nov 4, 2012
Audio Time Activity EVP Response Rating Question or Activity Rec Time: Location:
Noteworthy Personal Experiences
0:06:15 PE “that was creepy…..” Doppleganger Apparition of Lisa 1 Poker Table
Noteworthy Evps
0:06:35 Evp ..jeez my watch..? 4    6    4 1,2,3 Poker Table
0:18:09 Evp No 7   3 you might like the cash room.. 1,3 DJ Camera
0:26:09 Evp …yeah… 7 cranky? 2 Poker Table
1:08:32 Evp No… 6      8 least one casualty 1,3 Addition Area
1:09:25 Evp No… 6 was a murder 1 Addition Area
1:28:55 Evp No 7 Because he’s moving his 3
3:06:12 Evp No, wait! 7 Ya’ll ready? Yeah.. 2 Poker Table
3:36:03 Evp I’m holding a ball…. 9 Gimme the ball …gimmie the ball 3 Slaughter Room
3:37:22 Evp Now… 8 sing London Bridge to them. 3 Slaughter Room
3:37:27 Evp ..yes.. 7 5 or 6? 3 Slaughter Room
3:39:31 Evp …help.. 6 this is intersting.. 3 Slaughter Room
3:44:39 Evp …no.. 8 Is it Randall? 1 Johanna’s Room
4:26:39 Evp …no… 7      3  pictures of the well real quick… 1,3 Slaughter Room
4:48:02 Evp ..over here.. 6 I’ll take care of that… 2 Gift Shop
Sunday July 11, 2011
Audio Time Activity Response EVP Rating Question or Activity Audio Time: Location:
        Noteworthy Evps      
1:11:13 Evp Hey.. 7 1&2 Bar
1:33:29 Evp Mine! 9 pots yours…….. 1&2 Bullroom
1:48:15 Evp That’s wild 7 were you a respected man…were you feared 1&3 Cash Room
2:32:08 Evp no 8 see anything? 1 Cowboy corner
2:55:37 DisEvp Dave.. 7 1 Backstage
4:30:53 Evp No! 7 a lightening bug.. 3 Slaughter Room
4:34:01 Evp yeah.. 5 If he died he could still be holding their spirit- 3 Slaughter Room
4:34:02 Evp yeah 7 here..could he not? 3 Slaughter Room
Noteworthy Personal Experiences
1:46:12 PerEx Ball of Light 1 & 2 Cash Room
2:05:00 Per Ex Electrical Manipulation Gift Shop
2:38ish PerEx Apparition DJ area