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Kinetic Energy:

Powering the Paranormal? 

It was February 15th 2009 when I witnessed my first manifestation while setting up for a residential investigation. There were just the two of us in the old days so that meant a lot of time with camera and wire placement. It was a lot of work for just a couple of guys but we were eager to see what we could find. Working on the bottom floor of a converted 19th century hardware store something caught my attention out of my peripheral vision. Flipping my head around I observed a white, wispy fog-like figure, what many would call a female entity or ghost, ascending the stairs.                                     

“Was that you I just saw on the stairs?” I asked. 

But of course I did not hear a reply. It was my first sighting, and I felt I wouldn’t be my last. There was so much excitement and doubt all crammed into a half second of confusion and unknown possibilities. I left that morning wondering what really occurred. Later that year I was enjoying a TAPS episode involving an intriguing investigation at the St. Augustine Lighthouse (aired Sept 19th 2009) when I had a revelation. Numerous TAPS members were pursuing and investigating a probable manifesting entity up and down the spiral stairway with spectacular video captured. This led me to start asking the question:  Why is paranormal activity drawn to staircases and spiral stair cases in particular? Was there a possible scientific explanation for the un-explainable?

For years, the realm of paranormal study has long ascertained that Bio and Electrical energy were often borrowed or drained by entities to allow manifestation.  These claims have been rightful and sometimes fraudulently exaggerated by investigators noting their fresh new batteries have just died in a favorite ghost hunting instrument. However, there are numerous other forms of energy that could be drawn upon. These are not limited to: chemical, thermal, electromagnetic, gravitational, electric, nuclear, rest and the often forgotten Kinetic Energy. Loosely defined as energy an object possesses due to motion, could Kinetic energy provide enough power for a manifestation? A basic principle and often overlooked fact is the ability of Kinetic energy to be passed from one object to another (for example: one billiard ball striking another). Consider the constant work a human body exudes to climb or descend a stairway. Each step, each impact is the transformation of Kinetic energy. Essentially this simple act is charging the battery-a favorite term of my aikido sensei long ago. Often we would discuss converting an impact strike of an attacker into a seamless redirection of the energy. The attackers blow and the flow of my own body to not move directly against this energy, but with it, was the charging. The direct physical attack would often result in a devastating redirection simply by working with the energy. Could countless ascending and descending a stairway provide fuel (kinetic energy) for a paranormal manifestation?

Consider a few points of interest. The First Law of Thermodynamics states energy can neither by created or destroyed only transformed. It’s a basic law of Physics but one that is often dismissed. Ascending and descending a stairway is constantly creating energy. Each step upward in combination with work (chemical energy) and each step down in combination of work and gravitational energy. While most would advocate that all of this kinetic energy would dissipate over time there are some who do not subscribe to this theory. Consider the Model of the Paranormal Manifestation by Brian Schill .If we work inside his theory and apply that an entity or event, trapped in Bioelectric Stasis on a stairway has a Trigger Mechanism (anniversary date or time of the event, well organized re-enactment or a paranormal investigators careful wording) the stored Kinetic energy localized in the immediate environment could be tapped into and result in a manifestation.

Another concept to consider is the nature of the material used in construction of a stairway with the most notable being metal and iron used for spiral staircases. Used primarily in lighthouses since the 1700’s these metal structures were constructed to allow caretakers to ascend nearly 200 feet to keep lights blazing for nautical vessels at sea. In recent years, spiral staircases have been adapted for use in close quarter locations were a full stairwell is not possible from space constraints or economics.  The metal used for their construction may contain specific characteristics for the generation and the retention of energy fields. While any ascension or descension may in affect charge the battery it seems most probable that stairways made of metal would have a higher retention of the kinetic energy. Spiral staircases may generate even greater retention of the energy field since kinetic energy is also stored in rotational kinetic energy which is the rotation around a fixed axis of a rigid body. This exaggerated energy retention may result in stronger and /or more frequent manifestations at locations where paranormal activity is abundant. While this all sounds interesting and purely speculative is there any separate example of Kinetic energy, possibly with metal involved that we might use for comparison?

Let’s look at the early Lifeline of America: Railways and Railroads. Behemoth railway cars and locomotives running on metal track (containing specific characteristics for the generation and the retention of energy fields), may be a perfect example. Ghost stories revolving around the railroads have been around since their creation. The lack of basic safety features during the construction, the numerous Train accidents in recorded history and the location of some track across old cemetery or Indian burial grounds could provide the Bioelectric Stasis needed. But where does the energy come from? Railroad Tracks aren’t run on electric current (unlike subways) and battery’s are few and far between in most rural areas which are where the bulk of track is laid. Does the possibility of kinetic energy provide the fuel for possible paranormal activity in these circumstances? Consider a locomotive, while immense and powerful, only has enough energy to pull 1-2 railway cars at a time. Instead, the gaps in between each cars coupling allows just enough momentum and energy transfer to allow the combined weight of the locomotive and 2 cars to pull the third and then the locomotive and 3 cars to generate enough energy to pull the fourth and so on until the entire length of the train is in motion. Once again, this act of moving the cars, the impact between couplings during this period combined with the natural turning of the wheels results in Kinetic energy and Thermal energy. While the Thermal dissipates the Kinetic energy may still be present in the metal railways, available for manifestation if a Bioelectric Stasis and Trigger are present somewhere along the track. 

Finally, recognize the kinetic energy of an object depends on the relationship between the object and the observer’s frame of reference. For example, an archer pulls his bow and releases an arrow that soars by you (the observer) which you observe as moving faster because the arrow has kinetic energy in relation to yourself standing still. Let’s say you were capable of moving at the exact same speed as the arrow and matched the speed of the arrow once fired from the bow.  The same arrow would be stationary from your point of view (as the observer) since you are moving at the same velocity as the arrow, and so has no kinetic energy. If you hold this point of substantiated science and physics to be true and a paranormal manifestation occurs perhaps it is merely the tapping into and removal of the kinetic energy via the manifesting entity that allows you (the observer) and the entity to briefly be able to view one or each other. This could only occur when the kinetic energy was at a constant (essentially no kinetic energy traveling at the same speed) between the two: the observer and the manifesting entity. This could explain the elusive encounters, their short time frame and distorted observations during a manifestation. The very act of tapping into and utilization of the Kinetic energy could allow the manifestation to be observable from our human perspective.

While these viewpoints are unproven they do point out intriguing and possible explanations. During the research for this topic I did uncover a few other tidbits of truly interesting note. The principal in classic mechanics E mc2 was first developed by Gottfried Leibniz and Johann Bernoulli who described kinetic energy as vis viva – or the living force. Something I’m sure my old sensei would have liked.  The second point is for nearly every mathematical formula for computing Kinetic energy there is always an M for Mass. Which poses a very interesting question does a paranormal manifestation have mass itself? If it does not, and Kinetic energy is being stored and tapped into for paranormal manifestation we have to rewrite the current understanding of Kinetic energy and basic Physics. Either way the field of paranormal research will continue to try and explain the unknown with Science. Placing a fixed measurement on that which cannot be measured will be the goal and angst of paranormal researchers and scientist alike. Sometimes, I think back to that late night in February and that first manifestation I witnessed. I always wished I could have heard a reply that evening to my question “Was that you I just saw on the stairs?”  Perhaps if I had heard a reply that evening it would have helped me with these and other questions that have been mounting ever since. Then again, the feminine voice I discovered captured on my audio recorder with the evp reply of “…yesss…” may have been just enough to satisfy my curiosity.




 EVP and Interview Strategy:

     Anyone who has partaken of Law Enforcement or Military training will tell you that a strong robust voice is paramount. It commands respect, attention and can be used to control a situation. It reminds me a lot of most Paranormal Investigators I watch in person or on the TV. Their voice is really loud and bold and above all they never, ever whisper! But let me tell you from personal experience as a Crisis Intervention Team Member and Instructor (these are the members of Law Enforcement that interact and de-escalate individuals threatening suicide) this is not the best means of communication. Imagine you have a 5 year old little girl hiding underneath the bed and you need to coax her out. Do you think you would have better luck with a loud authoritative voice demanding she come out or a soft, calm demeanor to sooth her fears?  A solid investigator needs to have a wide range of verbal communication skills and the experience to know when and what technique to employ. 

Let’s start with the very beginning. Keep your questions brief and to the point. If possible keep your questions limited to 5-7 words or less and ask open ended questions. Let’s look at some examples:

 I hear that you like to scare the kids in the attic. Is that where you like to play?

Are you here now, can you give us a sign of your presence inside this room?

Jessica, if that’s you can you tell me what year it is?

Why are you here and what do you want? 

I hear that you like to scare the kids in the attic. Is that where you like to play?

This is a really long statement and question all rolled together. Breaking it down with a 10 second pause may have better results.

Are you here in the attic?         Do you like to play?        Are you trying to scare the kids?

Each of these is short. Can be answered with one word or more and is still specific.

 Are you here now, can you give us a sign of your presence inside this room?

The Sign of your Presence request is a standby in the questions department.  This particular example though is illustrating two questions asked at once. Which question is an entity going to answer? Breaking it down to two separate questions with a pause in between would have been best.

 Jessica, if that’s you can you tell me what year it is?

This is a close-ended question that pertains only to Jessica. An investigator should keep the bulk of their questions open ended so anyone present could respond to it. For example:

 What’s your name?       What year is it?   And maybe a:  Is your name Jessica?

 Why are you here and what do you want?

Here’s another great example of multiple questions sandwiched together. In addition, they are very vague questions. Most EVP’s are 1-3 words max. Keep questions simple and can be answered in 1-3 words.

 Consider how many hours you have spent attempting to collect Evp’s and how few you have actually recorded. I often think that the dead have just as much trouble hearing us as we do of them. With that in mind focus on short, open ended questions. Consider altering the tone of your speech. Try asking questions in a normal voice and then consider using a tone and voice you might use speaking to a beloved family member in a retirement home or a young child reading them a book goodnight. More is communicated in tone than in actual word selection. It’s not what you say as how you say it.  This leads us too….


  Methodical Behavioral Analysis of a Location:

This is where we separate the real investigators from the wannabe’s.

If you want to capture incredible Evp’s then you need to combine the short, open ended, tone appropriate questions and custom tailor them to the investigation at hand when possible. When conducting research for the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Investigations we discovered that many of its inhabitants were left there by family members or confined by the state for decades. If you were locked away for years how would you feel: abandoned, isolated, lonely for some while anger, madness and resentment for others.  We concentrated our tone and questions towards these two groups. Paying close attention to our tone and word selection (we even used terminology from the day: Mad Dog) with fantastic results.

Are you lonely? With an empathetic tone

Were you abandoned? With a tone of distaste.

Were you a mad dog? With a tone of anger

 For Bobby Mackey’s in 2011 we noted the heavy mob influence during the historical research portion. Our decision was to expand our Behavioral Analysis to include relevant props. We set up a poker table with cards and money, even dealing extra hands for the Mobsters to join. We caught one of our best, angry Evp’s when I won the hand and the pots yours…. MINE! 

Looking at your location and determining what people would have felt while there is difficult at private residences with limited history available. But at large documented venues a strong investigator should develop multiple ideas/props available as a resource. Playing recorded music from the time period or dressing in period clothing are two other options to consider producing paranormal activity. There is no limit to the possibilities.



~ Paranormal Energy at your Fingertips~

  After the publication of my editorial article “Kinetic Energy: Powering the Paranormal? “ In the May/June issue of T.A.P.S. Para magazine I had several investigators contact me regarding the proposed theory. In each of these in depth discussions the Kinetic conversation was surprisingly embraced as a Para- possibility. More than I’d hoped for. Now, theories are always interesting but is there a way for you, the reader, to personally test this and if so how would that be possible? I needed to look no further than one of the main stays of my own Paranormal Investigating pieces of Equipment. It wasn’t the expensive tech gear, years of Law Enforcement Investigative training or any other hard to obtain item or course of instruction. In fact, it’s something you already own and literally have at your fingertips.

Playing cards were originally created in China during the 9th century Tang Dynasty. Their popularity began small but grew as they spread throughout all of  Asia by the 11th century and eventually to Europe in the 14th century. While they evolved based on the region, customs, games, royalty restrictions and requirements they continued to remain a favorite by both the general population and the elite.  In today’s world, they would be comparable to the original Laptop or I pad– the main stay of their time that would continue for almost a thousand years. Even in the technological age playing cards are still beloved. In fact, since the embracing of the popular personal computers and PDF devices Card Games were one of the first and continue to be one of the most common applications provided on every operating system for entertainment.

But something that is overlooked is the usefulness of an actual Deck of Cards to a Paranormal Investigator. There are many different levels to contemplate but let’s start with the Physics portion. Shuffle any deck of good old fashioned cards and you’ve just transformed the impact of card against card into Kinetic Energy. The familiar snap, slide, shuffle of 52 cards (different numbers of cards for some parts of the world) is nothing more than a primitive energy generator.   No Flux Capacitor or thunderstorm needed, just let your fingers do the magic to transfer physical work to Kinetic Energy. The average weight of a standard playing card (1.8g) being flipped and struck by another card of equal size, shape and mass-over and over again.  Each time Kinetic Energy is being transformed. Ask yourself just how many times do you shuffle a deck before playing?  Regardless of your answer each and every time you shuffle the cards you are charging that deck with Kinetic Energy.

Here’s something else to wrap your mind around. Remember the First Law of Thermodynamics states energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed. In short, the Kinetic energy you’ve transformed into that deck is theoretically still present, even when you aren’t using it. A charged deck of cards is energy available for use by not only paranormal entities but the living who purposefully or inadvertently tap into the stored energy. Every heard of a Lucky deck? Or consider why Casinos only use a deck of cards twice before discarding? They will point to the purpose of reducing marked cards by dishonest gamblers, but they also recognize the good luck that comes with a weathered deck and its accessibility via the Law of Attraction.

Next, consider that a deck of cards may act as a charged trigger device. For prisoners, ships workers, slaves and patients confined to a particular area a pack of cards offered inexpensive entertainment within a group or by themselves. That one deck of cards may have been their only respite from years of imprisonment or a momentary diversion from a deadly plague that was slowly taking their very Life. Of course, cards also led to gambling which could have brought about moments of elation from a win, tragedy from a bitter loss or violence and murder that was sometimes associated with Mob/Mafia games of chance. So now, you have a lot of personal experiences all tied to one item: a deck of cards. Then consider that no matter how it was used or by who, years of card play in the same location with the same (or multiple) decks has resulted in abundant & available energy.  Combine the two together: personal experiences tied to a direct item and lots of available energy and what could happen? Have you ever noted that locations with prisoners, ship workers, slaves, patients and gambling tend to be some of the most allegedly haunted locations? Each time they shuffled the cards was a moment in time where Kinetic energy was present. Your decision to shuffle and play a hand of cards at an Investigation not only starts the transformation of your work energy (the shuffling conducted by your hands) into Kinetic Energy (card striking each other repeatedly) but it may allow you to tap into the Kinetic energy that has previously generated and in the view of Physics, is still present in the same room or in the same deck. Perhaps the large amount of repeated Kinetic energy is partially responsible for the paranormal activity being at the location in the first place.

Way back for my first Paranormal Investigation in 2008 I purchased a standard Bicycle deck of cards but I only started really using them 10 months ago. Since then  I’ve had noted success in two well known locations: Waverly Hills (2012) and Bobby Mackey’s (2011), but at that time I did not truly comprehend the significance of the Kinetic Energy and was trying more from the trigger position than the Kinetic. My suggested testing method would include one deck of cards, two or more investigators, real money present and several extra hands left available for the non-living guests. Invite any one present to join in and as you progress through a hand of play allow and ask the empty hands if they want extra cards? Or Increase the bet? Always be sure and check their hands at the call and see who actually won. You might be surprised and capture their reaction.

While I had success with cards at the cafeteria in Waverly Hills earlier this year we had significantly better results in Bobby Mackey’s in Wilder Kentucky last summer. This former slaughterhouse, Mafia run gambling hall and bootleg distillery seemed to have more than enough sordid history before adding in the murders, fatal accidents, suicides and nearby Pearl Bryant beheading. For our experiment we chose a table near the mechanical Bull room and sat at approximately 11:20 pm. We had announced our attention to play poker and asked if anyone opted to join. If so they needed to bring their own money, or as my investigative partner David said just 31 seconds after sitting down “..gotta ante up..”  A strange noise responded that left both of us craning our necks as we spun around to determine where it had come from. It has been the distinct sound of the Cash Machine next to the wall as it cycled. Was it pure dumb luck in timing or electrical manipulation?  Either way I’d never settle for this on its own constituting a paranormal event. However, over the next few minutes we played several hands of poker and captured several weak and moderate Evp’s but the best was yet to come. 

On the last hand luck was in my favor with the cards. With two extra hands and cash left at the table for our guests Dave opted to fold his weak hand and began flipping over the extra hands as I revealed I had: Three of a Kind- Ace High! Dave, inspecting the other hands, stated:  Three of a kind beats a pair, beats a pair. Pots yours. This resulted in the best Evp I have captured to date with a strong, distinct gruff male voice proclaiming: MINE!

Now, can I say without any doubt that the Kinetic energy resulted in the events captured at that time or others that were witnessed and/or captured that evening? No, but I can suggest expanding your own investigation techniques to consider the trigger potential and Kinetic possibilities that may be contained within a simple deck of cards. It’s probably the most inexpensive piece of paranormal equipment on the market. As a side note, because someone will undoubtedly make the jump and ask me questions tying the mystical Tarot Cards and potential of Kinetic Energy, I have no personal experience with the Tarot nor wish to be disrespectful on a subject I am ignorant of. But I would hypothesize that any deck of cards could have Kinetic Energy potential from a pure view of Physics and I would wager that would include the Tarot. Finally, for those paranormal investigators wishing to implement a deck cards into their equipment my suggestion would be to:  Choose one deck solely for paranormal investigations and remember the more that deck is shuffled and used, the more Kinetic energy you will have in it. And of course, since you don’t know who’s playing those other hands I’d highly recommend not cheating.