Mid-America Territory

Based in St Louis MO the CO-OP has a seasoned group of researchers and investigators that service the greater St. Louis area as well as Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky.

“To seek cause where it may be found, but to realize that there are many things in the world for which no cause shall be found; not because it does not exist, but because we know too little to find it.  It is not the place of science to insist on an explanation ~ but only to observe, in hopes that the explanation will manifest itself”



Mary & Lisa met in St. Louis, MO in 1987.  Their husbands are life-long childhood pals, so it was natural their own friendship would build. The two shared a general interest of the paranormal and they began exploring locations around the St. Louis area that were rumored to be haunted.

(Mary) has always been an empathetic sensitive, feeling emotions and touches of someone who has passed.  It wasn’t until the mid 90’s when she realized there was an outlet for using her gifts instead of suppressing them.  It was natural she would express a desire to try to develop this unique side of her personality.

(Lisa) always had a curiosity for the paranormal.  With an aunt who taught Science Fiction feeding her curiosity, there was one book in her aunt’s library that stood out: “The Most Haunted House in England: Borley Rectory” by Harry Price.  The book explained how Price was able to lease Borley Rectory.   He then solicited volunteers to take turns visiting the Rectory, noting any paranormal activity & evidence, but not participating in the activity.

Initially, they brought in Mary’s sister-in-law, then a few curious friends, but it was always the tpair of them who conducted the investigations. Since that time, they have visited a number of allegedly haunted locations; small, notorious places, sometimes working with members of other groups.  Some of these locations could now be called “paranormal tourist traps” while some have earned their notoious reputations.  The duo have mentored with seasoned investigators with other talents & skills, and enjoy a lasting friendship and working relationship with many of them.  By far, the best investigations have been small, controlled groups, where the investigators are all of the same mindset:  sit and observe, but do not expect anything.  Note evidence, document personal experiences, and never, EVER try to change something (cleansing, provoking) without the expressed consent of the property owner.

The goal of these two investigators is to eventually lease or rent a remote haunted location where a quiet study can be conducted over a long period of time, with today’s tools and equipment.  Every investigation done until that time provides more experience & discipline, in hopes of one day realizing that opportunity.

Jennifer was a teenager when her parents first took her on a demon hunt.  With such open minded parents, she was raised to question everything but also learned to listen to a person’s story fully before denying the possibility of something more. In 2010, she officially joined her first investigative group in Knoxville, TN and later joined with Lisa and Mary when she relocated to St. Louis. Her experience in private investigation in-part fueled her desire to get a degree in counseling which now aids her in understanding and helping clients alleviate some of the stress and anxiety associated with the unknown.