~Some of our Favorites as well as a few locations on our Bucket List~


Birdcage Museum: Well publicized location that is allegedly where spirits are said to still play cards, billiards and flirt with the tourists. While the venue is small the spirits are many.


Bijou Theatre: Off Gay Street in Knoxville TN this former Hotel , now a spectacular Theatre, has a rich Haunted history and fantastic captured evidence of paranormal activity. Allegations of spirits from previous staff and actors, to squatters and civil war soldiers haunt this wonderful venue. Not the easiest to book and not inexpensive, but highly recommended for those who can schedule an investigation with management.


Bobby Mackey’s: The Alleged Most Haunted Nightclub in America,  is located just south of Cincinnati in Wilder Kentucky. This previous slaughter house and mob run distillery/gambling hall has a sordid past while guide/author Wanda Kay gives fantastic tours.


Copper Queen Hotel: Famous Southwestern Hotel that has a reputation of great hospitality towards Paranormal Guests and its Ghosts.


Eastern State Penitentiery: Located in downtown Philadelphia PA this wagon wheel style prison is notorious for harboring inmates that never left its walls. Built in 1829 it harbored prisoners for 142 years, but many claim that the prison that closed in 1971 continues to hold its most violent criminals.


Lemp Mansion: This historic St. Louis landmark is reputed to have haunted activity possibly connected to the former owners who had a tragic number of family suicides on the premises.


Lizzie Borden House: Just 50 miles South of Boston in Fall River Mass is the site of one of the most heinous double murders in New England. Now a B& B the house has been waiting for its next visitors since the horrific axe murders in 1892.


McPike Mansion: Located in Alton IL, this once stately home is in renovation back to its grandeur, but former owners may still haunt the homestead. Are the renovations stirring up activity? Take a trip and discover for yourself.


Missouri State Penitentiary: Built in 1846 the  was operated as a prison until 2004. Tours and packages available~


Myrtles Plantation: This Louisianan plantation dates back to 1796 and has the tag line as  “One of America’s Most Haunted Homes”. Overnight stays for those who dare?


The Ohio State Reformatory: Opened in 1896 the 6 tier East cell block is the largest known structure of its kind. After the Reformatory closed its doors in 1990 it continued to draw attention with alleged haunted activity and its film use as the back drop for Stephen King’s classic tale of hope in the Shawshank Redemption (1994).


Old South Pittsburgh Hospital: Run now by Stacey and her crew this location in TN is smaller than a Waverly or TALA, but is packed full of activity! Highly recommended for the reasonable price, great staff and incredible para-activity.


St. Albans Sanatorium: This previous Boys School later converted to Sanatorium is reputed to have several patients who have yet to realize they can check out. Are you willing to check in?


Stanley Hotel: The infamous Hotel north of Denver in Estes Park Colorado that needs no introduction to any Paranormal Investigator or fan of author Stephen King. Room 402 awaits- check with Reservation Manager Ivy for an available date~


Temperance Building: Link to TN para-group (G.H.O.S.T.) that has contracted to run Investigations to the location in Harriman TN. Members of local Law Enforcement have even experienced paranormal activity in the catacombs. UPDATE: All Paranormal Investigations halted by City Council after reckless paranormal groups take advantage of host and buildings. No plans to restart the investigations……       


Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum: This massive stone structure once housed those suffering from mental illness in the state of West Virginia. Repeated Investigations in Weston WV  have taught us this is not a place to provoke. Contact Rebecca for info~


Waverly Hills: Off Dixie Lee Hwy in Louisville KY the most advanced Tuberculosis Hospital of its time stands Waverly Hills. More than 62,000 people died fighting the White Plague and the structure was later converted to a retirement hospital before being abandoned. Most visitors will agree that some of the staff and patients are still there as well the Creeper and other paranormal guests. Call Tina for info~


West Virginia Penitentiery: Located in Moundsville, WV this gothic style penitentiary has a haunted history worth exploring.



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Recommended Individuals/Authors:

Dan Terry’s Spookstalker site documenting his exploration into the Paranormal Realm with latest investigations and current literary work. Dan is fellow Law Enforcement and is always looking for a great investigation.


Wanda Kay is the historical tour guide for Bobby Mackey’s. Her extensive knowledge of the paranormal and location in Wilder is continually growing with her second book released in 2012. Robin to Wanda’s Batman is Denise who has been assisting since Fall of 2011.