Fifth Investigation at Waverly Hills in 2016

We had a wonderful return to Waverly Hills in Louisville Kentucky in early April of 2016. This was the fifth investigation at one of America’s allegedly “Most Haunted Locations!”  Unlike previous years, this early Spring investigation was Cold, Cold, Cold! Great time had by all~


We also left a small token of our Thanks with Tina and her staff.

In 2013, we met great folks from different parts of the country and also Brandon and Carla from Tasmania on their haunted honeymoon.Thanks for investigating with us.

Our previous investigations at Waverly Hills have included several overnight tours open to the general public and a private rental where 7 of our investigators had the building for an entire evening. Will there be a fifth? hm……….

 Link to new battery powered Infrared Camera test at Waverly Hills.

See anything odd at the 00:15 mark?

Quick List from our Audio Recorders of Noteworthy Evp’s:

Audio Time Activity Response EVP Question or Activity  Rec # Time: Location: Notes:
1:14:58 Evp No 6 if there are any little kids here.. 1&3 Linen Room M/V – direct response 1
1:56:13 Evp No.. 7  here that would like to play? 3 Cafeteria Direct response- M/V 2
3:04:53 Evp No! 6 Cafeteria was really hot… 1 3:15 Sunroom Balcony F/V Direct response 2
3:48:11 Evp Help Us 6 1 Laundry/Meeting Room Break 0
3:48:48 Evp Help Us 6 1&3 Laundry/Meeting Room Break- very weak on #3 0
 00:51:47 Evp No.. 6 give you  a choice.. 3 Hallway F/V after Anthony’s 4 3B