Contact or Need Assistance?

CO-OP Members may be contacted at the email below based on your location.


Mid America (St. Louis, MO) –

Southeast (Knoxville, TN) –

 Need Help?

If you are a Homeowner or Business seeking assistance with a possible Paranormal Issue you may contact us at the email above based on your geographic location. Please recognize the CO-OP only selects a small number of Private requests to personally investigate annually. For those we do not select to investigate we are happy to recommend paranormal groups in your area for consideration.

Before Choosing a Paranormal Group to come to your home or business please consider the questions below:


How long has the Paranormal Group been established?

Are Criminal Back Ground checks conducted on every Member or Associate?

You claim to be an Investigator- what Investigative Experience do you have?

Is your group insured?

Could the Investigation result in increased (worse) Paranormal Activity than we currently have?

Do you provoke or use Ouija boards?

Ok- you’ve come to my home/business and conducted an investigation: What happens now and do you have an extended plan if needed to address the issues?