OSPH: Investigations 2016,15 & 14!


We wrapped a Spring, 2016 investigation at OSPH (our 5th visit) in March. Another incredible event along side Savannah Ghost Watchers and Apocalyptic Paranormal Investigation & Research. If there is one thing we have learned from repeat visits at OSPH, it’s to never let your guard down.

Old South Pittsburg Hospital:   www.osphghosthunts.com

 Activity in the Chapel, located on the lowest level, was witnessed, felt and captured by mutliple investigators.



5:44:22 those crushing weights that get laid across our backs.. Chapel Dialogue- can test our souls and resolves..
5:44:41 PM Dusty: “My shoulder is burning.” Chapel Dusty complains of burning on his back.
5:45:00 Man Trey sees the window behind Dusty get blocked out twice Chapel  See pics of Dusty LS Trap

 Here’ s what we discovered upon checking Dusty’s back……


 The tiny red dot below is where the skin was actually broken.dusty3

 pic by another camera…..Dusty2

Despite an unsual and painful encouter Dusty stayed in the investigation!


OSPH 41214 025

Basement workshop from the April Investigation.



We spread a little Holiday cheer with decorations in December!